The Designer

I graduated from the Marangoni Fashion Academy in Milan and have been living in Paris since 2013 as a designer.

My passion for travelling and meeting people has led me to visit several European countries and various continents.

Filled with stimulating artistic and professional experiences, these trips have allowed me to enrich my imagination and create my universe. They forged my attraction for exhibitions, architecture, books and fashion trends.

My creations are the fruit of an inspiration drawn from life itself. I am inspired by art, nature, wild fashion and the attitudes of passers-by. They guide me in the design of my unique handbags.

I adapt my creative sensibility to current and future trends, while maintaining my personal touch and character. I am inspired by my surroundings and now I want to inspire others.

I want to fulfil my childhood dream, to be a creator of escapes, to allow women to feel free and express their femininity.