I produce my designs in an artisanal leather goods company in central Italy.

The workshop stands out for its quality, state-of-the-art technology, attention to detail and a client portfolio that includes the most important Italian and international fashion brands.

Through my creations, I wish to embody experience in the service of originality and sustainability.


ATOM CUTTING techniques create very precise cuts, LASER CUTTING techniques create designs and finishes, and the expertise of master craftsmen allow me to offer unique, handmade and modern products.


LWG Gold Rated

My suppliers are recognised in the areas of environment and safety, rewarded by obtaining the Gold Rated, the maximum score of the international certification LWG, Leather Working Group.

The main objective of the Leather Working Group is to develop and maintain a protocol that evaluates environmental compliance and corporate practices regarding sustainability, by promoting improvements in the leather industry.


Blue Angel, the certification of the German government, proves the eco-responsible quality of the leathers produced by my suppliers.

Blue Angel certified products protect the environment and human health through concrete actions:

Reduction of water consumption in the various production phases.

Use of sustainably produced raw materials.

Low CO2 emissions.

Facilitation of recycling.


The leathers I use are produced with the aim of minimising their impact on health and the environment during the production phase and in the recycling and disposal phases.


Thanks to the constant search for innovative and sustainable solutions, my main supplier is one of the 5 companies chosen to participate in the GREEN LIFE project (Green Leather Industry for the Environment).

Funded by the European Commission, the GREEN LIFE project aims to reduce the environmental impact of different segments of the tanning sector.